United Tractors Banjarmasin Visits Politala

Politala- Tanah Laut State Polytechnic received a visit from the Banjarmasin United Tractors (UT) team. The arrival of the UT Banjarmasin team led by the UT Banjarmasin Training Center Head Syaifuddin Zuhri to Politala, in the context of discussing cooperation between Politala and UT and providing training on the operation of heavy equipment units for lecturers at Politala. (22/11)

Discussion and training activities were carried out in two different places. The discussion was held on the 2nd floor of the Muhammad Nuh Politala Building, while the heavy equipment training was held in the parking area behind the Politala.

Deputy Director III of Politala Titik Wijayati, M.Pd said that Politala and UT had long established cooperation. “With this meeting, we hope that together we can rearrange what things need to be improved in future collaborations in the context of Link and Match between the world of education and the world of industry,” said Titik.

In line with the remarks of Deputy Director III Politala, Syaifuddin said that currently all UT branches in Indonesia have several programs aimed at establishing Link and Match between the world of education and the world of industry.

“Hopefully, the curriculum of the world of education and the world of industry can be in line, so that later graduates can easily and quickly be accepted for work in companies or in the industrial world,” concluded Syaifuddin. Hms_Politala