Departure of 17 Politala Alumni to Taiwan

Politala- It is time for 17 Politala alumni who received scholarships to go to Taiwan. One day before departure (5/11), they had carried out a PCR test beforehand. On the same day, Heru and Rohyatin as Heads of Youth and Youth Affairs Heads and Heads of Youth Departures were held at the Youth and Sports Office (Dispora) of South Kalimantan Province.

The next day (6/11), a briefing and release by the Director of Politala along with the Board of Trustees and Wadir I to the departure participants were held in front of the Muh Building. Noah Politala before departure to the airport.

Wadir I together with the Head of KUI Politala helped release the alumni until they arrived at Syamsudin Noor airport in Banjarmasin, then the alumni will fly to Jakarta followed by transit through Singapore to go to Taiwan.

One of the departed alumni, Dodo Waluyo, was contacted directly via WhatsApp and stated that he had arrived in Taiwan and was starting the quarantine process, Monday (8/11). The alumni will undergo a 14-day quarantine process starting from today. After being declared free of Covid-19 then they will go to their campus.

Hope for all alumni who continue their studies in Taiwan, to be able to earnestly explore education there and return to the region by bringing knowledge that is beneficial to the community and becomes an inspiration for local youth. Hms_Politala