Politala Holds Flag Ceremony in Commemoration of Hardiknas 2022

Politala – The Independent Learning Curriculum is an effort to help teachers and students during a pandemic that is able to reduce the impact of loss of learning. More than 140,000 educational units throughout Indonesia have implemented the Independent Learning Curriculum. That means that hundreds of thousands of Indonesian children are already learning in a much more fun and free way.

The following is a statement from the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Nadiem Anwar Makarim, in his speech commemorating National Education Day, which was read by the Director of Politala Dr. Mufrida Zein, S.Ag., M.Pd as the coach when carrying out the Flag Ceremony in the Politala open field. (13/5)

The Education Day commemoration ceremony was attended by the entire Politala community. The entire management, lecturers, education staff and all Politala students wisely attended the ceremony procession, which for the last two years could not hold a flag ceremony due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the end of the Minister’s speech read by the Director of Politala, the Minister invited all the Free Learning activists not to stop moving. “In the future, there will still be strong winds and much bigger waves, as well as much higher obstacles. And we will continue to take command, lead the recovery, move for Freedom of Learning”, concluded the Minister at the end of his speech. Politala_PR