Politala- After completing their education at university, alumni are required to continue to improve their soft skills and continue to develop their abilities to enter the world of work. In order to support this, the Tanah Laut State Polytechnic is holding a Job Training for Alumni and Prospective Graduates in 2021 with the theme “Graduating College and Reaching BMW”. The activity took place offline in the 1st Floor Hall of the Politala Informatics Engineering Building with strict health protocols and online or online. (15/09)

This training was attended by representatives of several Politala alumni and student representatives from all majors at Politala. The event was opened with remarks by the Head of the Politala Career Pysat Service Unit M. Indra Darmawan, S.T.P. He explained in his speech that BMW stands for Work, Continuing Study and Entrepreneurship. Where BMW is an output target for universities as well as a work agreement for the Director of Politala with the Ministry of Education.

“I hope that alumni and prospective graduates in 2021 can be absorbed in the world of work, whether they will work later, become entrepreneurs or continue their studies,” said Indra.

Furthermore, the online delivery of remarks by the Director of Politala Dr. Mufrida Zein, S.Ag., M.Pd. The director said that soft skills are an important point to enter the world of work. Soft skills are not obtained during lectures, but one of them is obtained by joining organizations. So we need a good time management between studying and organizing.

“Therefore today we present several experts or resource persons, to fill your soft skills. Hopefully this training can increase your knowledge and insight, continue to pay attention and listen carefully so that your success will be achieved soon”, said the Director

This training presented highly competent resource persons including the Politala Board of Trustees, Dr. Sihabuddin Chalid, M.M.Pd with material on Motivation and Career Planning after Graduation, Branch Manager of Bank BRI Branch Pelaihari Siloateung Tagah and Assistant Manager of Human Capital PT. Banua Karya Bhakti Yasir Azhari, S.ST., MM presented Strategy and Tips for Facing Recruitment in the World of Work.

The next resource persons were Politala alumnus who was successful in becoming a duck businessman Norsalim Yahya, A.Md with material on Starting an Entrepreneurship Targeting Business Opportunities in Critical Times and Lecturer of Accounting Study Program Muhammad Ghalih, SIKom., M.Sc with material on Tips for Continuing Study Abroad .

An important point that is the main key in this training is the improvement of soft skills and network development. Where later soft skills and extensive network will determine success in facing the world of work. With good soft skills, it will be easier to get the job or business you want, while having a wide network will make it easier to find work or start a business.

Politala as the only university in Tanah Laut Regency does not only provide knowledge or education during lectures, but also has a responsibility to continue to encourage graduates to achieve success.

By holding this training, it is hoped that it can increase the insight and knowledge of alumni and prospective Politala graduates to face the world of work. Hms_Politala