Discussion and Evaluation of Politala Animal Feed Technology Study Program Curriculum with IDUKA

Politala- The curriculum in vocational education should be developed in conjunction with industry. Not only compiled together, but must reach the stage of being approved by the industry and prospective users of graduates. Therefore, the study program which was just formed by Politala, namely the Animal Feed Technology Study Program, held a Curriculum Discussion and Evaluation with industry at the Muhammad Nuh Politala Building, Wednesday (14/7).

This activity was attended by the Board of Trustees, Deputy Directors I and III, all Agroindustry lecturers and Politala Animal Feed Technology lecturers. Also attending the event and also online representatives from the Tanah Laut industry, CV. Berkah Group, PT. Medion Adika Bakti, PT. Japfa Comfeed and BPTU-HPT Pelaihari Technical Implementation Unit.

The Curriculum Discussion and Evaluation activity began with remarks by Deputy Director I Politala Sukma Firdaus, S.Si., M.T. Sukma said that one of the things that needed to be done at the time of establishing a new study program was the evaluation of learning tools, the most important of which was the curriculum.

“Hopefully, with this curriculum discussion collaboration, we can grow together in the welfare of society and Politala as an educational institution can improve education for the community,” said Sukma.

Next was the remarks by the Politala Board of Trustees, Dr. Sihabuddin Chalid, M.M.Pd. In his speech he said, Animal Feed Technology Study Program is one of the programs that has been designed for a long time even when Politala was founded. This is because the main need of the people in Tanah Laut Regency is the world of animal husbandry.

Sihabuddin continued, revealing that the current Merdeka Learning program is directly related and becomes a great opportunity with the role of the industrial world. So that later students will receive education on campus and will also practice directly in the industry for at least one year.

Discussion Discussion and Evaluation of the Curriculum was guided directly by the Head of Animal Feed Technology Study Program Politala Dwi Sandri, S.Si., MP. In this discussion, the historical basis for the establishment of the Animal Feed Technology Study Program is also explained, one of which is livestock that has the greatest potential in South Kalimantan, which is in Tanah Laut Regency.

In the discussion session, the draft curriculum was presented by all lecturers of the Animal Feed Technology Study Program. On this occasion, representatives from the industrial world who were present in person or online were asked for directions and input on what curriculum proposals should be prepared by the Politala Animal Feed Technology Study Program.

Syamsu Rizal, S.Pt as a representative of CV. Berkah Group expressed its gratitude and appreciation to Politala, for giving the industry the opportunity to contribute to the preparation of the curriculum for the Animal Feed Technology Study Program.

“Hopefully, with input from the industrial world like us, it can be a benefit and a complement to the creation of the right curriculum, so that it is beneficial for student learning and the output is that the quality of students becomes a benefit for the industrial world,” said Syamsu Rizal.

According to Syamsu Rizal, the establishment of the Animal Feed Technology Study Program at Politala is the right step because the potential for livestock in Tanah Laut Regency is so extraordinary that special education is needed for optimal livestock management.

“Quality and efficient feed is the key to a farm, because of that D-IV graduates of the Animal Feed Technology Study Program are very well matched with the obstacles that exist in the land of the sea today, especially the livestock world,” concluded Syamsu Rizal. Hms_Politala