Competence Test of Politala Accounting Study Program Students by TUK Politala Accounting Technician with LSP Accounting Technician

Politala- At the end of the semester before graduation, all Study Programs at the Tanah Laut State Polytechnic hold a Competency Test for their students. For the Accounting DIII Study Program, a briefing and competency test for accounting technicians has been held by the Politala Accounting Technician TUK from 5 July to 16 July 2021, which is located at the Politala Informatics Engineering Building Laboratory.

There are three schemes in the Accounting Technician Competency Test this time, namely, the Junior Accounting Technician scheme which was attended by 54 students, the Primary Accounting Technician scheme which was attended by 20 students and the Intermediate Accounting Technician scheme which was attended by 20 students.

The Competency Test organized by the Politala Accounting Technician TUK is in collaboration with the Accounting Technician LSP which has a license from the National Professional Certificate Agency (BNSP). Students who take the Competency Test are given test materials online by two assessors from TUK Politala Accounting Technician and four assessors from Accounting Technician LSP.

The Coordinator of the Accounting Study Program and Chair of the TUK Accounting Technician Politala Rina Pebriana, SE, M.Comm said the implementation of the Competency Test with three different schemes had been adjusted to the level of student competence and also in accordance with the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKNI) or what the world needed. work.

“We hope that with the holding of this Competency Test, in addition to the certificates obtained to accompany diplomas, students are also ready to work in any institution or agency. Because this accounting technician scheme will produce technicians, namely, graduates who have the competence to become bookkeeping or financial reporting executives, be it in government institutions, the business world, or other agencies,” said Rina Pebriana. Hms_Politala