New Study Program of TRKJ Applied S1 (Computer & Network Engineering Technology) Conducts TRKJ & TRPL Curriculum Workshop with Industry

Politala – As a new Study Program or Study Program, the D-IV Computer & Network Engineering Technology (TRKJ) Study Program held a TRKJ & TRPL Curriculum Workshop, Thursday (22/7/2021). This activity is in the form of a discussion of the TRKJ study program in validating the curriculum with industry. The TRPL is an upgrade of the D-III to D-IV study programs, namely from D-III Information Technology (IT) to D-IV Software Engineering Technology (TRPL).

The workshop also invited the Director of PT. Data Nusantara Champion, Andi Riza Syafarani to be a resource person. This meeting activity is also a follow-up to support PT. Jawara Data Nusantara which has implemented the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Tanah Laut State Polytechnic the previous month, Friday (11/6).

Meetings held in the Lab. The Computer Stave Job, Informatics Engineering Building of the Tanah Laut State Polytechnic was attended by the Head of the Informatics Engineering Department, Agustian Noor, Head of the TRKJ Study Program Herpendi, and lecturers of the department.

At the meeting, Andi Riza as the meeting resource person was asked to provide suggestions. Some inputs were noted about network practicum, collaboration with expert practitioners, professional certification, additional courses, and others. One of the hopes of PT. Jawara Data Nusantara is the skill / ability of graduates of the TRKJ Politala study program to be competent in managing databases.

As Chair of the TRKJ Study Program, Herpendi hopes that the curriculum that is formed can be matched with industry needs and has an impact on Politala graduates becoming graduates who are ready to work. In addition, he also hopes to create cooperation with industry for Field Work Practices (PKL), teaching factories, research, and others. Hms_Politala