Visit of Poliban Office of International Affairs & Partnership Team in Politala

Politala- The Banjarmasin State Polytechnic (Poliban) Office of International Affairs & Partnerships team visited the Tanah Laut State Polytechnic (Politala) Thursday, September 2, 2021. This visit was in connection with the plan to develop International Cooperation and the establishment of the International Affairs Office in Poliban, as well as to add insight, knowledge and share experiences.

The visiting Poliban team consisted of Poliban International Affairs & Partnership Coordinator, Lea Emilia Farida, SE., MM.; Head of UPT Poliban Language, Nurfitriah, S.Pd., M.A.; and two staff members. The Politala also attended, consisting of the Director of Politala, Dr. Mufrida Zein, S.Ag., M.Pd., Chair of the Politala Board of Trustees Dr. Sihabuddin Chalid, M.M.Pd., as well as all structural and non-structural Politala officials.

Located in the Informatics Engineering Building Hall, the Poliban team was greeted with several selected songs performed by Politala staff, Dodo Waluyo and one of Politala’s new students, Nelly.

“Alhamdulillah, we are so warmly welcomed like this, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen”, Nurfitriah, S.Pd., M.A., as Head of Poliban Language UPT expressed her gratitude when giving a speech. Representing the team, he expressed his intention to visit Politala, especially the first is to stay in touch, then to learn a lot of things. “In our opinion, Politala runs various activities, one of which is the activities carried out by KUI (Office of International Affairs) Politala,” said Nurfitriah.

Poliban hopes to learn a lot and share experiences with Politala, where Politala can grow very fast at the age of 11 years.

Director of Politala, Dr. Mufrida Zein, S.Ag., M.Pd on behalf of the entire leadership expressed gratitude and acceptance to the group at the beginning of the speech. The Director briefly explained about the management carried out in Politala and Politala achievements in almost 12 years of its existence. He also hailed the success of Politala over the past 3 years, which will be able to send 8 alumni to Taiwan in 2019, and will send 17 alumni in 2021.

Through this visit, Politala and Poliban will hopefully grow and prosper with each other, especially in the field of international affairs and cooperation. Hms_Politala