Visitation of the Finance Bureau and BMN Kemendikbudristek Team to Politala

Politala- Tanah Laut State Polytechnic received a visit from the Finance Bureau and BMN Team of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology in the context of monitoring and evaluating budget use, as well as socialization to the BMN Politala unit and submission of Permendikbud No. 10 regarding treasury and financing, Thursday (25/11/2021).

The arrival of the Finance Bureau and BMN Team was welcomed by the Director of Politala, Dr. Mufrida Zein, S.Ag., M.Pd in ​​the Rubber Room, 2nd Floor, Muhammad Nuh Politala Building. In his remarks, the Director welcomed and thanked the 16 people from the Finance Bureau and BMN Team for visiting.

On the occasion, the Director also explained the background of the founding of Politala. Where Tanah Laut Regency has great potential in the fields of plantations, agriculture and animal husbandry, so it is considered necessary to prepare human resources in Tanah Laut Regency to have superior competencies to manage all existing potential.

“Hopefully, with this monitoring and evaluation from the Finance Bureau and BMN Team, it can be a reference for the implementation of all budget activities in Politala to be more effective and most importantly accountable,” said the Director.

The Finance Bureau and BMN Team in one of their presentations explained about Non-Tax State Revenue (PNPB). He explained further about the correct PNPB management mechanism in accordance with the established rules to minimize financial mismanagement. Hms_Politala