Marketing of Agricultural Products and Services Becomes the Focus of Training and Competency Test for Politala Agroindustry Study Program Students

Politala- Politala Agroindustry Study Program organizes Training and Competency Test of Agricultural Products and Services Marketing Scheme, at Politala Agricultural TUK for prospective graduates in 2021. Located at Muhammad Nuh Politala Building, the Training activities will take place on 29-30 June 2021. Meanwhile for the Competency Test, the Competency Test will take place on 7-8 July 2021.

The Training and Competency Test activities were officially opened by Nina Hairiyah, S.T.P., M.Sc., Secretary of the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology, which was guided by the Head of Politala Agricultural TUK, Dwi Sandri S.Si., M.P. This training and competency test was attended by 60 final semester students of Politala Agroindustry Study Program, who were assisted by four assessors from Politala Agriculture TUK.

The purpose of the Training and Competency Test for the Marketing Scheme of Agricultural Products and Services is, in addition to enabling students to have a certificate of competence accompanying diplomas, but also so that in the future students will have the skills needed to market agricultural products and services.

TUK Chairman Dwi Sandri said the selection of the Agricultural Products and Services Marketing scheme was because the Agroindustry Study Program had many branches of knowledge, one of which was marketing.

“I hope that students who have competency certificates can be recognized in the business and industrial world and can also be accepted by companies in the marketing sector,” said Dwi Sandri when met after the Competency Test. Hms_Politala